Let’s just say Carlie is my real life “Jillian Micheals”. A woman people love to hate and hate to love, all in one moment.

It all started in2 010. I have had two back surgeries and one neck surgery, weighed 235 pounds and all at the age of 35. It had left me with very minimum movement. When walking I was lucky to be at a 3.2 pace, if that.

That October I joined a gym. I knew that I had to start over & get my body back in shape. I got myself a trainer (Carlie) and my life started again. Carlie started me very slow: just enough to get my muscles moving
and tone stronger. Within six months she had me taking classes to keep me motivated such as spinning, Ab & TRX classes and she started me in weight training. All the while she was encouraging me by asking me questions such as,”are you eating right?”or “did you do some type of exercise today? If she didn’t see me that day in the gym she would text meand ask, “what’s up how’s it going?” She was the accountability partner I needed!

It had been almost a year working with Carlie and I had lost 75 pounds. Then she did what I thought was the unthinkable. She asked me to run the FlyingPig 1/2 Marathon with her! She said, “I think you can do it!” By this time I had considered Carlie a great trainer & good friend. So we started training together and I still can’t believe it…but we did it! I am proud to say I’m 85 lbs lighter and stronger than I was at 20 years old, and it’s all because Carlie cared and was my trainer and friend. She showed me the correct way to lift weights, increase cardio, & eat the correct way, all in a fun & safe matter. It has taken some time and has been hard but well worth it! I think I look good & feel Great!

– Sharon

Training with Carlie changed my life! I feel happier, healthier and more confident now. She helped me lose weight and tone my body by pushing me to be the best version of myself. I lost 25 pounds in the corse of a year. Carlie never uses the same routines so I enjoyed going to work out because it was never boring. She also teaches the importance of using proper weights and technique. My mom and I both train with Carlie and we had a blast getting in shape together! She is the best personal trainer I have ever worked with and has taught be how to stay fit and healthy for life.

– Melissa

Over the years I tried exercise many times but it never really worked and I never stuck with it.

Then I hired Carlie. She is ridiculously tough, but she motivated me past my self-imposed limits. It was so tough that, at first, I thought I might not make it. But, Carlie wouldn’t let me quit and walked me through everything I needed. Within a few weeks I started feeling stronger and better. Within a few months I barely recognized myself in the mirror. I’ve never been this fit before, I feel great and I am more confident.

Put simply: Get Carlie, she is the best!

– Ken